«Azimut 55 YES» yacht for rent in Dubai.

The «Azimut 55 YES» has a spacious saloon that is the perfect place to relax after a day on the water. Stylish design of modern Italian furniture is combined with luxurious materials, creating a cozy and attractive atmosphere.

The staterooms on the «Azimut 55 YES» are very comfortable and practical. The staterooms are bright and spacious, beautifully designed, and have private bathrooms, providing comfort and increased privacy for guests.

You can enjoy a variety of water activities during your «Azimut 55 YES» voyage such as water skiing, kayaking or diving. Qualified crew members will be on hand to help and keep you safe during these activities.

Traveling on a private yacht has become a popular and luxurious way to spend time in Dubai. «Azimut 55 YES» offers unique opportunities to enjoy beautiful views, active water activities and comfort.

Dubai-Charters is always happy to offer you a yacht for rent in Dubai, and we look forward to seeing you aboard!