«Galeon 78» yacht for rent in Dubai.

Renting a «Galeon 78» yacht in Dubai is a great way to spend time in a city known for its luxury and glitz. If you want to have an unforgettable vacation or organize the perfect event, the «Galeon 78» yacht charter in Dubai comes to the rescue.

«Galeon 78» is a luxury yacht known for its comfort and amazing design. The yacht is 24 meters long and can accommodate up to 20 people, including the crew. State-of-the-art electronics and navigation systems on board ensure that your trip will be safe and comfortable.

The yacht is equipped with a deck where you can enjoy beautiful views of Dubai, 24-hour service and crew support. She also has an interior trimmed with luxurious materials that creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

The port of Dubai is known for its beauty and luxury, and renting a «Galeon 78» yacht in Dubai allows you to see all the sights. What can usually take a whole day, is possible to do in a few hours, thanks to the high speed of the yacht.

Thanks to the various services and drinks offered on board, you can take care of your comfort and convenience during the trip. An experienced crew will ensure your safety and comfort and will help you with any questions.

Thus, renting a «Galeon 78» yacht in Dubai is an ideal choice for people who want to spend an unforgettable time in Dubai. You can enjoy stunning views, luxurious services and convenience, as well as enhance the status of your event and surprise your guests. Renting a yacht guarantees an unforgettable vacation and will leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Dubai-Charters is always happy to offer you a yacht for rent in Dubai, and we look forward to seeing you aboard!