«Ocean Dream 141» yacht for rent in Dubai.

«Ocean Dream 141» is an impressive yacht, designed for lovers of luxury and comfort when cruising at sea. With its length of 43 meters, this vessel attracts attention with its elegance and unique design.

The «Ocean Dream 141» has 5 spacious cabins that can accommodate up to 10 people. Each cabin is equipped with modern amenities and has its own private bathroom. The master stateroom is located on the upper deck and provides a great view of the surrounding scenery.

The «Ocean Dream 141» is equipped with a state-of-the-art navigation and safety system that makes her crew feel confident and secure while sailing. The propulsion is provided by two powerful engines capable of reaching speeds of up to 18 knots.

The «Ocean Dream 141» charter is an opportunity to have an unforgettable sea voyage with the appropriate level of comfort and elegance. Such a voyage will leave unforgettable memories and a feeling of freedom that only the sea can give.

Dubai-Charters is always happy to offer you a yacht for rent in Dubai, and we look forward to seeing you aboard!